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Trendy Monogrammed Clip Boards

MonogrammedPersonalized Clipboard - Many designs and styles with your name or monogram on the front and back of the clipboard

Pick a design and then choose the color for your monogram, name, or single initial.  You can even have one made for your work.  School teachers love the clipboards.

All monograms are available in any color you can imagine, Black, White, Hot Pink, Pink, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Baby Blue,Lime Green, Kelly Green, Gold Turquoise, Yellow, Orange, Red, Crimson, Beige.  If your desired color is not listed please email us and we will make sure its available.

They are so trendy for use at home, office, gym, shopping...anywhere you go.

The clipboards are hard back 9.00 x 12.50.  Clipboard is 2 sided with a flat clip,1/8" thick hardboard.  All monograms are processed to be permanently affixed  on the CLIPBOARD along with the chosen design that is also permanently affixed.